arredi per vetrine plexiglass


By decorating the shop with the touch of plexiglass it will stand out from the various competitors in design and refinement: display cubes, window port prices, shelf restraints, and even for the interior: change trays, wall shelves, luminous and non-luminous panels, etc. you just have to give room to the imagination!


Highlight the brand, from the display window to the internal point of sale, it’s what makes the difference with the other brands present; we cover all price ranges thanks to the wide choice of plaques that we offer: from the classic “L” to blocks of large thickness, together with the customer we study the one that best suits their needs.

targhe plexiglass
espositori per rubinetti plexiglass


Small components that can be displayed on the counter of the vendor or veritable sacred objects which furnish and demonstrate the strong brand presence in the market, allowing the end user to be captured by their stage presence and being able to touch the products on display.


The footwear industry usually relies on the display plaque to establish itself in the window, but increasingly is resorting to the floor exhibitor to beat the competition and assert its product. We weigh up together with the customer the development of an idea, the shape and colours to use.

espositori per calzature
espositori per occhiali plexiglass


Omega was born with this industry, our thirty years of experience are key in being able to propose and recommend to our customers the most successful ideas for visual merchandising; spectacles are an accessory claimed by the fashion world, so the display that accompanies them must always be up to the task and the brand that it is representing.


When it comes to creams, perfumes, make-up and accessories, plexiglass and wood have always been used as supporters for these sought-after products in the world of women but not only for them; also in this case the analysis of the proposals is always performed in synergy with our customer and with their needs.

espositori per cosmesi plexiglass
espositori per orologi plexiglass


Still a bit subdued in Italy, but well established in Europe, plexiglass is a material present in the display counters and windows of jewellers, almost always in white or black, or playing with screen printing, the brand is skillfully represented without needing to misrepresent the product by following the colouring trend.

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