Here comes the ice cream line

In 2013 a number of requests from our customers made us aware of a new area, which until now we had never entered; our ambition was cleverly teased by the market and after a year of intensive work on the product Omega – accessories for ice cream parlours.was bornIt is a line passionately worked on and designed by Sonia Dal Bo in collaboration with our technical staff and with advice, directly from Germany, from her brother Denny who, working in that sector, could make a contribution to the technical implementation of the project. “Stay hungry, stay foolish” (Steve Jobs, 2005)


Our goal is to offer more choice in the existing market, not only through the functionality and practicality of products (key feature), but also with a nod to ‘ made in Italy’ design (brand that distinguishes us in the world) and the ability to work on a total customisation of each product in the line. Sizes, colours, product features: everything can be studied together, modified and finally produced according to the needs of our customer.

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The catalog presented this year has been almost all revised: products are improved in functionality, special attention has been reserved for the convenience in cleaning, important new entries, new colors .. all without losing sight of design and stylish!

Download the catalog

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